KIND WORDS from my clients

“Ali was a joy to work with. Her professionalism and process for organizing are beyond reproach. I was overwhelmed and didn't know how to even prepare for her initially to come to my home to organize my work-at-home space, but she had a plan, bought the materials, and it all came together so nicely. She made it easy, and now the space attracts me to go inside and be productive and creative. Even my husband used my desk instead of the kitchen table to write out bills! I was inspired to reorganize drawers in other rooms, and am keeping the spaces we worked on together (3 closets and 1 room) clean and tidy. My mind is uncluttered as a result, and I have a great feeling of accomplishment and order. I would not hesitate to recommend Ali to others - and already have done so. She's a natural. Can't wait to tackle more spaces in the house, like my basement!”


—Betty, Riverside RI

“We had recently purchase a new home and thought it would be a great idea to have Ali find a home for and organize all of our stuff! She did our kitchen, pantry and bedroom closets! Ali was fantastic and we were so satisfied. Highly recommend!”

—Kaley, Middletown RI

“This all started because I received a very attractive post card in the mail one day, it was an advertisement for H.O.M.E. by Ali.  
My first reaction to advertising is usually to toss into garbage without even reading it, but this got my attention, so I went on line to check out her work and that peeked my interest. 

At that time I was going through a period where I felt like the walls in my home were closing in on me. Putting away laundry and dry cleaning was a dreaded chore because of the overcrowding, Putting groceries in the pantry was irritating because I either didn’t buy enough of something I needed , or bought more of things I already had, all because it wasn’t organized correctly. Drawers and cabinets just weren’t being used to maximize efficiency and space. I didn’t even realize that I had 3 junk drawers in my kitchen.

It took me a few days to finally make the decision to call Ali. So many thoughts and skepticisms to get over... ‘Do I really need someone to hold my hand to organize my kitchen, pantry and closets, after all, they’re not that bad, I do it all the time, what can she possibly do that I cant do?’ But my interest in her services won over my skepticism. So I finally made the call and boy did it change my life, for real! A few days after our consultation, the fun began. We rolled up our sleeves and turned over every inch of my kitchen and pantry. I got rid of so many things that I just wasn’t using, replaced some old outdated things, and cleaned out the junk drawers to make better use of them. My kitchen functions so much better now!  


Then we worked on my master closet and I ended up getting rid of so many things by using the same thought process she taught me while working on the kitchen. I actually have 2 empty drawers and empty hanging space for the first time, and I don’t miss anything I got rid of, in fact I don’t even remember what I got rid of, in either my kitchen or closet.  

I became addicted to organizing and kept hiring her to do more and more rooms in my house, we even went through the basement! My husband was so motivated by what was being done at home that he started doing the same in his office.  

Having my home so organized and clutter free gave us so much clarity with our day to day function around here. I’m so glad I decided to invest in Ali’s services, it was worth every penny! I plan on getting her back here every year just to keep us on the straight and narrow! Don’t hesitate to make the call, you won’t regret it!”

—Charleen, Lincoln RI

I recently had the opportunity to work with Ali on a project I had put off for way too long. At the initial consult Ali and I discussed a few projects I had in mind. She asked casual but thoughtful questions about me and my goals in a way that was helpful and non-judgmental which led to the logical identification of the best place for me to start.


Paper. It sounds so simple doesn’t it?  I mean who keeps paper these days when most things are available electronically?  This girl that’s who. Bills, receipts and junk mail oh my! 


After our first meeting Ali provided a professional quote with multiple options to choose from and we easily came to an agreement. I opted for two working sessions with me doing ‘homework’ in between. The approach and direction Ali recommended in our first working session provided me the motivation I needed and a process that was easy to execute. 


When she arrived for our second and final work session she was carrying a couple of items for me to consider in support of establishing a new routine with paper.  From the beginning, it was clear her goal was not only to help me clean up and organize my existing over abundance of paper but to also set me up with a go forward approach that would allow me to overcome my paper hoarding (my words not Ali’s) habits. Mission accomplished! 


If you’ve been thinking of working with Ali, I say, think no more and take action. You won’t regret it, I know I don’t. In fact I look forward to working with her again in the future. 

—Jonna, Lincoln RI

I hired Ali to assist me with organizing my new living space. I knew that downsizing from a 5-bedroom home to a 2-bedroom, loft apartment would required significant organization support so I decided to hire someone who focuses on creative solutions and could help me get rid of the stuff that really needed to go.


Ali is very organized, process focused and flexible. She evaluates your space and discusses goals and outcomes before starting the project. She is patient and methodical in her approach and follows up consistently to provide additional ideas and solutions as well as keeping you on track. Working with Ali helped me to organize my space, pushed me to let go of the things that needed to go and motivated me to start the projects I needed to get done on my own. 


If you are finally ready to get control of the rooms that are out of control or you need help letting go of the stuff that needs to go, then Ali is the one to hire! Plus, she is a lot of fun!” 

—Margaret, Barrington RI

I worked remotely with Ali to organize my she shed. The results were even better than I expected! She is very professional and the way she thinks about space is truly remarkable. Not only is it organized but I can get even more into it!

—Debbi-Jo, RI

My home organization project started with a messy basement that overwhelmed me. I always thought I was organized and that I purged enough junk to maintain a clean and functional home. But, life got busier and busier as the kids became high school students. I knew I needed help when I started storing clean pots and pans on the kitchen counter.

So, I called Ali knowing I would work on my basement and kitchen. They came out great!  All excess has been purged and all necessaries are placed "where they live" in a sensible manner. My kitchen duties are much easier because I have everything where it should be. I used to zigzag all over the room. I knew where everything was but I didn't know how to make it work better. Ali knew!

Now I will admit, it's a little bit catchy! You want to go from one room to the next and the whole family wants their spaces completely organized! I never thought my kids would care about how their rooms were kept but months after this project, 

their rooms are still neat and organized. They love the system where they can see every item in the drawers. Nothing stacked!

Be ready to feel relaxed in your newly organized home. The peace it brings is worth all of the effort!

—Jennifer, Greenville RI

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