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The 16-Day Declutter Challenge: Why NOW is the best time to declutter

The weather has been gorgeous the last couple of days and I know we are all eagerly anticipating the change of the season to start our spring cleaning and organizing. However, NOW is the optimal time to start or, if you’re on your game, continue the process. You know you will want to be outdoors once the weather warms up for good. You won’t want to be stuck inside cleaning out the basement, attic, bedroom closets, etc.

When the seasons change so do our needs in terms of what we use on a regular basis; outwear, clothing, household items, and yard equipment. The next couple of weeks is a great time to begin the rotation of seasonal belongings. An easy place to start is a review of everyone’s winter wardrobe. Take a close look at what you wore versus what remained on a hanger or in a drawer for yet another winter. Maybe it’s time to let go of some of these articles of clothing. Use this same approach for children’s clothing and include coat closets in this exercise.

Move onto the garage or shed and assess yard equipment, garden tools, sports equipment and outdoor games. Look to discard old or broken. Next, review what systems you have in place or if you need to add hooks, racks, shelves, etc. to keep supplies in order. Organize equipment based on frequency of use. Items that are used on a weekly basis should be the most easily accessible.

The attic can be a more difficult space to declutter and organize because it usually holds memorabilia. This is the most time-consuming category to review and make decisions about due to the emotional tie we have to these belongings. Make the decision to spend a Saturday, Sunday, or any day where you have a few hours, to work on this space. It may take more than one day depending on the size of the attic and the volume things that have been stored there. If this space feels overwhelming, plan to break up the project into several work sessions.

Still trying to figure out where to start? Join my LESS IS MORE 16-Day Declutter Challenge starting on Tuesday, 3/16. We will work on decluttering our homes for 16 days building momentum each day. Day 1 you get rid of one item, Day 2 you get rid of two items, Day 3, three items… you see where I am going with this? By the time you reach Day 16, getting rid of 16 things, you will have removed 136 things from your home that you no longer want, need or use! Using this compounding approach, it is easy to get rid of a lot of things in a relatively short amount of time. This group challenge creates a fun atmosphere for participants to share photos of their progress and also cheer each other on throughout the process. Follow this link to my Facebook group for details and opt in by commenting, “I’m in!”

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