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So about those New Year’s resolutions...

Updated: Feb 26

It seems we all make resolutions of various kinds as we move into a new year; lose weight, eat healthier, exercise regularly, sleep more, etc. We’ve attempted most of these with the best of intentions to follow through. But here’s a thought… instead of trying to work on things that have to do with our bodies, how about we focus on the space where we carry out these resolutions – our home! Clutter affects more than our physical environment. It creates anxiety and stress – you know, those things that we are trying to reduce through all those resolutions we made!

Get this… January is Get Organized month! Most people think that spring is the best time to get organized, but why wait? Start the year off right.

There are lots of statistics to support the need for better-organized spaces. • 80 percent of the clutter in our homes is a result of disorganization, not a lack of space. • Getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40 percent of the housework in the average home, according to the National Soap and Detergent Association. • We do not wear 25 percent of the clothes in our closets. • 84 percent of Americans stress that their home isn’t organized enough. • 80 percent of our medical expenses are related to stress. Clutter contributes to that stress.

We've all had that morning where we are running late because we can't seem to remember the "safe" place we last left our keys. Morethan half of us are regularly late for work or school due to frustrating searches.According to Pixie’s 2017 “Lost & Found Survey," people spend 2.5 days per year looking for lost objects – keys, glasses, the TV remote, and so forth. This is equal to one year of our lives looking for lost or misplaced stuff! It also found that Americans collectively spend $2.7 billion each year replacing missing items.

Here’s a quick read about the stress and anxiety we endure from cluttered, disorganized spaces:

So remember those resolutions we talked about earlier? Maybe we can rethink them and start with our homes instead. Being organized reduces stress, saves time and money. Now those are resolutions I can get behind!

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