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February isn’t just for Valentine’s

Welcome to the dead of winter! If you’re like me, winter is not your favorite season. Once the holidays are over I’m ready to hop back into warmer weather and longer days. I’m not really a winter activity person so most of my time is spent indoors. Let’s turn those winter blues into warm and fuzzies with some purging. We all know January was “Get Organized Month”. But February is not to be outdone. The word February comes from the word ‘februa‘ – which means cleansing or purification – how appropriate for decluttering and organizing!

Often times we wait until the weather breaks to start working on our organizing projects and deep cleaning. However, winter is actually the optimal time to get these in-depth projects done. Here’s my question to you… wouldn’t you rather declutter now so you can be outside in the nice weather?

Based on the past year’s events, many of us spent more time than ever inside our homes. Being there day in and day out, we started to look around and realize that there are certain areas with an over-abundance of “stuff”. While it may seem bewildering as to how this happened, it’s not something that occurred overnight. Most likely it happened over the course of many years. It’s only now that it has become noticeable to us in our daily life.

Ease into your projects beginning with small areas that can be started and completed in a short amount of time. Then move onto larger scale projects. Easy areas to start include:

Linen closet

Take a close look at sheet sets, blankets, pillows, towels, etc. Are there items that are worn thin, have holes or matted lint. Maybe it’s time to pare down and keep only the things you still love; the warm and fuzzy fireside blanket, the cozy flannel sheets or the extra soft towels that were a splurge. Use the things you love, don’t save them for a special time.

Medicine cabinet

Let’s face it, there are probably things in your medicine cabinet/drawer/bin that are expired. Dump that cough syrup from 2018 or that old prescription from a past injury or ailment. Not only are they taking up room, it might trick you into thinking you have a certain medication on hand simply because you keep seeing in your cabinet each time you open the door. There’s nothing worse than getting up during the night in need of something and find that it is expired. No one wants to go out to 24/7 drugstore.


This is a no-brainer and can be completed in about 20-30 minutes! Start by emptying one shelf at a time checking for things that have spoiled or expired. Wipe down each shelf before replacing the things you are keeping. Sometimes we do not even realize how dirty our refrigerator has become until we take everything out it. There’s nothing like opening a nice clean refrigerator!

As you start to tackle your decluttering and organization projects, this is also a great time to set aside bins of items to put into a spring yard. Lots of neighborhoods do a neighborhood yard sale in the spring. This is your chance to get a jump start on gathering up your items. Often times after we complete one area, we are motivated to move onto another space that needs attention. Keep the momentum going. Before you know it, the warm weather will be here and you will get to enjoy it because you’ve decluttered your way through the winter. Use this last weekend in February to get started!

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