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5 REAL reasons to hire a PROFESSIONAL organizer

Updated: Jan 14

REASON #1- Simply put, you will not do it yourself.

You have the BEST intentions, really you do. But the reality is, will you and more importantly, WHEN will you? How often do we put off things that we just do not enjoy doing? “Why should I hire you when I can do it myself?” I hear this all the time and you know what, you sure can! But it just does not seem to happen. Sometimes we all need a little nudge to do the things we don’t really want to do. Organizing is one of those things for most people. Organizing is not hard, but for some people it is not intuitive and folks do not know where to begin. This often leads to feeling overwhelmed by what seems to be a daunting task resulting in not doing anything.

REASON #2- If you partner with someone on a project, your success rate increases.

Hiring a professional organizer is like having a partner that will not only help get the work done but also bring a fresh perspective and offer an extra pair of hands to complete the job. It is very easy to get side tracked when organizing by yourself. You pick up a photo you haven’t seen in years or you find your children’s baby clothes. Before you know it, hours have gone by and little has been accomplished. You run out of time for that day and now you have what can feel like a worse situation. When partnering with someone on a project, your success rate increases greatly. We are there for accountability, to help you see the project through to completion. Further, you are more invested in the outcome and maintaining the order you achieved when you are involved in the task.

REASON #3- Decision fatigue is a real thing.

Yep, making decisions is exhausting. It’s called decision fatigue and it is a huge energy drain. When faced with too many decisions, people tend to do one of 2 things: lose their impulse control or do nothing. Disorganization is like creating a constant loop of decision fatigue in your brain. When clients tell us they just don’t know what to do anymore, or if they seem paralyzed during the decluttering phase, this is what’s going on. They just can’t make any more decisions about their stuff. And that’s where we come in. As a pro organizer, a lot of this job comes down to listening to our clients and guiding them through the decision-making process so they stay motivated. Sometimes that means we spend more time talking and encouraging than decluttering… and that’s ok.*

REASON #4- You need systems that are realistic and work for YOU!

A professional organizer will ask the thoughtful questions about what you want to achieve and take the time to understand how you want to function in your space. We will help you create and implement realistic systems that are sustainable for you, your family and your lifestyle. Ultimately we want you to succeed and stay organized for life!

REASON #5- Leave it to the professional.

Hiring someone to do the jobs we are not comfortable doing or do not have expertise in just makes sense. For example, would you really try to clean your own furnace, cut down your own trees or even replace your own roof? Most of us would answer no to those tasks. Organizing is like any of these, not fun for most folks, but happily done by professionals. We are there to offer our expertise with a task that does not come naturally to you. There is a reason we do what we do; we love helping folks achieve peace of mind in the space they live in. Your home is your haven, your happy place. Hiring a professional to help you reach that goal is time and money well spent.

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